Where can I buy this module?

Please go to opencart.com market

What X-Faq?

X-Faq is an opencart module for making your frequently asked questions Or questions-answers section for your shop. It supports unlimited categories, questions and answers.

What OC version it support?

Currently it supports only opencart 2.x

How to integrate xfaq?
It will provide a listing page thats shows all questions and answers. Questions and answers can be shown an accordion Or plan. Also it support a widget view will be appeared all times in the right or left of the site.
Can the theme customized?

Yes, every colors can be changed from module setting.

Does it support Multi-lingual?

Yes it does.

What X-Shippingpro?

X-shipping pro is a Advanced shipping module. If you want to define your own shipping method and price, this module is the perfect solution. In this module you can create your own shipping method and give the method name what you want. 

What are features available in xshippingpro?

You can define shipping method with following criteria:

  1. Category based Shipping.
  2. Product based Shipping
  3. Store based Shipping
  4. Geo Zone Based Shipping
  5. Manufacturer Based Shipping
  6. Customer Group Based Shipping
  7. Zip/Postal Based Shipping (Comma Separated, Wildcards Support, Range Support)
  8. Coupon Based Shipping
  9. Quantity Based Shipping
  10. Weight Based Shipping
  11. Volume based Shipping
  12. Sub-total based Shipping
  13. Total Based Shipping
  14. Final Cost can be single/cumulative
  15. Percentage Price allowed
  16. Negative Price allowed
  17. Final Price can be adjusted by adding a value
  18. Time Based Shipping
  19. Week Days based Shipping
  20. Group Shipping supported (You can set highest/Lowest/Average/Sum etc. )
  21. Shipping Selection Heading Can be changed
  22. Strong Debugging Option 
  23. Support Multilingual

What is X-form?

X-form is an advanced form builder for OpenCart. It allows you to create and integrate any kind of form by dragging and dropping into any layout position OR it can be used independently. X-form has following features.

What are the features available in xform?

  1. Unlimited Forms
  2. Multi-lingual
  3. Available element types are Text,Textarea, Checkbox, Radio, Select, File, Email, Address, Date, Time, Text/Paragraph, Captcha and Submit button 
  4.  Customize User Email 
  5. Customize Admin Email
  6. SEO URL
  7. Can be placed any layout position
  8. Multiple UI Themes
  9. Customize user defined theme
  10. Custom Script/Style
  11. Data export to CSV/PDF
  12. Possible to edit submitted Record/Data in admin 
  13.  Duplicate/Clone form option
  14. Shorcode support. So form can be placed inside any information page

What is X-payment?

X-Payment is an advanced custom payment module. If you want to define your own payment method, this module is the perfect solution. This module allows you to create your own payment method and name it whatever you want.

What are the features available in x-payment?

You can define payment method with following criteria:

  1. Category based Payment method.
  2. Store based Payment method
  3. Geo Zone Based Payment method
  4. Manufacturer Based Payment method
  5. Customer Group Based Payment method
  6. Zip/Postal Based Payment method
  7. Weight Based Payment method
  8. Total Based Payment method
  9. Strong Debugging Option
  10. Callback URL supported
  11. Support Multilingual
  12. Unlimited Payment Methods
  13. Possible to send payment instruction in customer order email if you want
  14. Option to show instruction in Oder detail
  15. Very User friendly admin interface
  16. Redirect URL support with data
  17.  Custom Success Page URL
  18. Free Integration support

Can I implement paypal using xpayment?

Sorry, it is not possible at this moment. Hopefully in future version.